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What Peope are Saying…

I've had the pleasure of working with Edgehill on two new builds, and let me tell you, they hit it out of the park both times! I came to them with my wild ideas, big dreams, and Pinterest boards, and they don’t just bring them to life—they add their own magic touch. They turn blueprints into masterpieces. If you want a home that stands out, Edgehill is the way to go.
Jordan Perrey
How do you hug a home? I don’t know, but what I do know is that every single time I walk into my beautiful home built by Edgehill Homes, it hugs me. My home is love poured in. It is magic. I see and feel love in every inch of my beautiful home. Every single day that I am in my home, I can’t believe that I get to live here! How did I get so lucky to have this home built by this incredible team?? Every person who laid their hands on The Hampton poured all of who they are into it. They brought their expertise, their years of experience, their passion for their crafts, their kindness, their attention to details, and most of all, their love. We had the absolute privilege of seeing The Hampton rise from the ground up. We saw renderings of what it would be when the land was empty, barren and lifeless. We saw the vision of this home’s life before its existence. We saw the team every day pour their hearts into making this house my home. We had the privilege of being connected to Nick, Teresa, Ryan and their team because they allowed us to be present from the sidelines of the build. I got to say thank you to every person who built The Hampton. What an honour that was for me. Edgehill Homes builds homes for life to be lived in, and have we ever lived life in The Hampton! The beautiful hardwood and the walls have some dings to tell the stories! And that’s the purpose: to live life. To live in The Hampton is an honour. Edgehill Homes won a Gold medal for it, and there is no one more deserving. I am never leaving my home. Every single day for the rest of my life, The Hampton will hug me, and every single day, I will say thank you to Edgehill Homes. My beautiful Hampton is love poured in.
Jennifer Pascoa
Teresa and Nick were excellent to work with and very diligent. They were able to help us design and then build the house while we were remote during Covid. They provided weekly updates and progress photos and were very happy to discuss all aspects of the project. We are extremely happy with the completed product which was finished on time and on budget! We have built several homes over the years and this was our best experience . Thanks Edgehill Homes !
Tim Koskowich
Nick & Teresa Braam have consistently proven themselves to be creative yet pragmatic, diligent but considerate and always espousing a work ethic that far exceeds the norm! In short, you can count on them to get the job done and done with excellence!
Ralph Hardy
Our experience was better than 5 stars. If you are lucky enough to work with this team, congratulations!!! They will bring beauty and expertise into whatever job they tackle for you. I have a beautiful kitchen than I will enjoy living in and working in for countless years. Thank you Edgehill!!!
Austin Ojala
Excellent work standards, completion of project as determined, final project most satisfactory…..professional job throughout…
Leo Ressler
We had a very good experience with Edgehill. Very professional, their communication was so helpful and of course their amazing work they did on our house Would highly recommend them!!
Lisa Niedermayer
We purchased a home that Edgehill was building. The design was spectacular and we were able to add in some elements to customize to our preferences. They finished the home 3 months before expected so we got to move in early! We appreciate Teresa’s ability to pick beautiful high quality finishes at optimal pricing. Nick’s craftsmanship is detailed throughout the home. We love the faux beams in our sitting area and the coffered ceiling over our kitchen. I’d suggest Edgehill homes to anyone looking to build, buy, or have design services.
Cam and Alana Barker
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