Nestled amidst the tranquil embrace of Trout Creek, there exists a dream of lakeside living. Our client imagined waking up to the lapping of water against the shore, surrounded by sandy beaches and the promise of adventure. This dream became a reality with our coastal inspired design elements. Welcome to the ultimate lakeside living home, our Summerland Surf Shack.

At the heart of this retreat lies a passion for the Okanagan lifestyle. Drawing inspiration from surf culture, the architecture embodies elements of relaxation, freedom, and adventure. We chose an exterior façade that showcases clean lines, organic materials, and a palette of cool, coastal tones, reflecting the natural beauty of the landscape. A shiplapped entryway, with a wooden bench serves as both a functional storage solution and statement details that are both warm and inviting. The main floor required us to get creative with our floor plan as our homeowner needed to maximize the space and dreamed of having a rental suite in the back. We were able to pull this off by carefully considering every inch of the floor plan and maximizing the top floor of the home. This meant getting creative with a cozy office space under the stairs and a rooftop, lakeview patio with a private space for a hot tub.

The upper floor was designed as a sanctuary designed for comfort, style, and surf-inspired living. The open-concept layout promotes fluidity and movement, encouraging a laid-back lifestyle where relaxation reigns supreme. High ceilings and an airy ambiance evoke a sense of spaciousness, while thoughtfully curated decor elements add character and charm to every corner. A cozy fireplace beckons on chilly evenings, offering warmth and coziness as you unwind after a day spent on the water. We added a reading nook off of the dining area to maximize the usable space and add additional seating.

The Surf Shack kitchen is full of airy, coastal design elements. From the nautical inspired island pendants to light and bright countertops, we aimed to evoke the feeling of a clean, and bright beachside retreat.

In the realm of lakeside living, our Surf Shack was designed + built with nature, architecture, and surf culture in mind. It offers a sanctuary where the owners can escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, reconnect with the elements, and embrace a lifestyle centered around relaxation and adventure. With its seamless integration of indoor and outdoor spaces, and coastal inspired interior, this Summerland Surf Shack embodies the epitome of modern lakeside living.

Designing and building a lakeside living retreat for our client was more than just a project—it was an opportunity for Edgehill to play a part in creating a space for our client to escape the everyday stresses of life, connect with nature and create cherished memories with loved ones.

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The EH Team.

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