The Carriage Home Collection

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Introducing a First Look at an Exciting Collaboration with Su Casa Designs: Bringing Expertly Designed Carriage and Garden Homes to Summerland, Penticton and Naramata.

We are thrilled to announce a fun new upcoming collaboration between Edgehill Homes and Su Casa Designs, set to redefine the housing landscape in Summerland and Penticton. This partnership merges Su Casa Designs’ expertise in innovative architectural design and Edgehill Homes commitment to superior craftsmanship, promising an unparalleled residential experience in the heart of the Okanagan Valley. With the new provincial zoning regulations now in place, the opportunity to add a carriage or garden home is easier than ever. If you are looking for a simple way to increase your property value a secondary suite can be a great investment!

Crafting Homes of Distinction

At Edgehill Homes, we are renowned for our dedication to building homes that embody sophistication, functionality, and enduring quality. Paired with Su Casa Designs’ visionary approach to interior and exterior aesthetics, our collaborative efforts aim to create a collection of carriage and garden homes that exceed expectations.

The Essence of Carriage and Garden Homes

Our collection of carriage and garden homes embodies a blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair. Each residence is meticulously planned to harmonize with the natural surroundings of Summerland and Penticton, offering:

  • Innovative Design: Su Casa Designs brings fresh perspectives to architectural layouts and interior spaces, ensuring every home is both stylish and practical.
  • Superior Craftsmanship: Edgehill Homes’ meticulous attention to detail and construction excellence ensures that each residence is built to the highest standards of quality.
  • Luxurious Living: From spacious interiors adorned with premium finishes to outdoor spaces designed for relaxation and enjoyment, our homes are crafted to enrich every aspect of daily life.

Embracing Community and Sustainability

As leaders in our respective fields, Su Casa Designs and Edgehill Homes prioritize community engagement and environmental stewardship. Our commitment to sustainable building practices and local craftsmanship not only enhances the neighbourhoods we build in but also contributes positively to the vibrant fabric of Summerland and Penticton.

Visit Our Presentation Centre

We invite you to explore the future of sophisticated living at our presentation centre. Experience firsthand the meticulous design and superior craftsmanship that will define our carriage and garden homes. Join us to every Friday and Saturday from 1 – 4pm at 1522 Wharf Street in Trout Creek to tour our showhome and see the quality craftsmanship that Edgehill Homes brings to each and every build.

Stay Informed

Follow us for updates on this exciting collaboration, including the latest developments and opportunities to build your dream carriage home in the South Okanagan. Together with Su Casa Designs, we look forward to welcoming you to a community where luxury meets lifestyle. Stay tuned for our updated website featuring seven carriage home plans designed by Su Casa and built by Edgehill Homes with three exclusive interior package options…coming soon!

Experience excellence. Experience Su Casa Designs + Edgehill Homes.

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